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Vincent Spallo

Pension Specialist & Retired 40 yr. Educator

Office Phone: (816) 492-3322
Cell: (816) 905-4802
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Vincent Spallo is a 40-year veteran in the world of education. He devoted 19 years to his students as a classroom teacher, in every grade from 4thto 12th. Additionally, he spent 21 years as a building principal at both the elementary and secondary level. Ever open to a new challenge, Vincent also worked for the US Army as an analyst, as well as delving into the creative world by writing an adventure novel about honor, courage, and loyalty.

“I was taught to adapt, improvise, and overcome any and all challenges. I was taught that knowledge was always essential to any success—in work, in finances, and in life. Over the years, I was fortunate to work with some incredibly successful individuals.” 

Throughout his life, Vincent had mentors and coaches focused on his success, which translated into his own motivation of committing to the successes of those around him. His work with Synergy PhD allows him to continue this focus by helping people understand their pension and find answers to their questions, relieving some of the stress associated with people’s financial future.

The Synergy PhD approach recognizes the fact that adults, like the children in our classrooms, are all different with individual wants and needs. This individualized approach to pension education utilizes the same care and concern Vincent had as a teacher and administrator, giving people a sense of power that perhaps they didn’t have before. At the end of any day, there is no more rewarding task.

Family has always been at the core of Vincent’s life. His wife Suzie and their incredible five children and their families are his greatest motivation to live a life well-lived.


Pension Specialist
Retired Educator
Paid into and retired from PSRS Missouri Pension System

Contact Info

Office Phone: (816) 492-3322
Cell: (816) 905-4802
Fax:(816) 492-3338